Saturday, April 26, 2008

David's Kidney Donation Update 4

Chinn Kidney Donation Update: Installment IV

Friday was a long day at the hospital, as both David and Chris continued to recover. David had a rough night last night and was in a good deal of pain today. This was supposed to be the hardest day for him, so let's hope it was, because it was indeed hard. He did manage to make progress and had taken 6 walks by the end of the day. He also ate a few solids late this evening, so that was definite progress. If he can keep progressing, he could be released tomorrow afternoon.

Chris is also doing well, and the kidney is working strong so far. He's on track to be released early, although had a few setbacks today with blood sugar levels. He was up and moving much more than David, and that is apparently the norm with kidney donations. The donor usually is in more pain at the beginning than the recipient.

Continue to pray for a smooth recovery for both, and that their bodies would continue to heal and adjust. Pray for sleep and rest for both of them, too, as that has been sparse.

I'll update on David's discharge status once we know it.

Thanks everyone!
Much Love,

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