Saturday, April 26, 2008

David's Kidney Donation Update 5

Chinn Kidney Donation Update: Installment V

Let it Snow:

Yup, we woke up this morning to snow in Minneapolis. After two straight days of rain, the temperature dropped and it snowed. With the snow, though, comes great news.
Today was discharge day!

Temporary Home Sweet Home:

That's right, here we are, back at Chris and Katie's house. David was released from the hospital this morning and after another night without sleep, he is comfortably snoozing beside me in a recliner. He was released this morning before lunch, and Heather Dull picked us up and drove us back to Chris and Katie's. After getting stuck in bumper-to-bumper, stop-and-go accident traffic, we finally made it back around the middle of the day. David took a shower and got some fresh clothes on, digested his latest dose of pain killer, and then settled in to finally take a nap. Although he is still in some pain, he has finally regained some appetite back and enjoyed a muffin on the way home.

Since David is out of the hospital now, and since I have filled up your inboxes just about every day this week, I have decided to switch over to blogging updates from now on. If you are interested in following David's progress from here (and that of his brother Chris), please check this website:

We truly are grateful for everything you all have done, from praying to emailing, calling, sending packages, and providing resources for us, we love you all.

The Next Steps:

David's next appointment is on Thursday at the Kidney Transplant Clinic at the hospital, and assuming all looks good, we will fly home on Friday (May 2). We met one of the surgeons this morning on our way out of the hospital (the one who actual closed up David after the removal), and she said both David and Chris looked great and she also said that David's kidney was doing really well in Chris and that it was a very healthy kidney. That is such encouraging news, and we pray that the kidney continues to take in Chris's body.

Stay in Touch:

Again, if you want updates, check the blog site, as I will try to update daily. Also, I have uploaded a few pics from today, including a picture of David and Chris this morning as David was discharged.

Love and blessings,

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