Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Update

Sunday started rough -- I spilled David's first dose of pain medication (red liquid oxycodone) on the light carpeted floor just moments after I woke up. Not the best opening move, but since then, the day has gotten much better. (Thanks to tricks I learned from Shawnea years ago, a little hot water and patience can get up any stain. The carpet is fine!)

Today has been a pretty good second day "at home" for David. He got a lot more rest taking naps on and off yesterday after his hospital discharge. He also continued to eat more regular foods, and both of those things have helped his energy level.

He's been getting up for regular "walks" where he will take laps back and forth across the upstairs to Chris and Katie's house. This exercise is a big part of the healing process, and he seems to be doing well today. Although still in pain, he has been able to keep it mostly tolerable with the pain medication.

We did hear from Chris today, and his latest round of blood work was not as good as the doctors had hoped, so they will be likely keeping him longer. The day after the surgery they said he might come home Monday, but now it looks like at least Tuesday if not later. Please continue to pray for him, and for the kidney to keep taking.

Thanks to all who have called and e-mailed. I know David is trying to return calls and emails as his energy allows.

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Shawnea said...

I have to say that I am proud that you remembered my cleaning techniques:) We love you guys and can't wait to see you again. We are praying for you!!