Saturday, April 26, 2008

David's Kidney Donation Update 1

Chinn Kidney Donation Update: Installment I

A number of folks have asked me to keep them "up to date" on David's kidney donation, scheduled for next Thursday, April 24.

Therefore, I thought I would set up an email group to send updates to, and please feel free to forward on this to others.

Basic details of our travels & surgery date:
Several of you have asked me for details on where you can send things while we are gone, and what our schedule is.

First, we are leaving Monday evening (April 21) to fly to Minneapolis, where David's oldest brother Chris lives. That is where the surgery will take place, at Hennepin County Medical Center in downtown Minneapolis. Tuesday will include pre-op stuff most of the day, and Wednesday is an "off-day" before the big day on Thursday.

David will be in the hospital from Thursday, April 24 (surgery day) until likely Saturday, April 26. He then will hopefully be released and we will spend the next several days at Chris and Katie's house in the suburbs. David will be checked out by doctors on Thursday, May 1, and if everything goes as planned, our return flight is set for early Friday, May 2. (This gets us home in time for my graduation at Radford on Saturday, May 3).

Here are the two addresses some of you may be interested in:

HOSPITAL MAILING ADDRESS: Hennepin County Medical Center, 701 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55415
HOSPITAL PHONE: HCMC General Information Phone: (612) 873-3000

***it may be best to call the general info line and check the address before sending something. this is the address listed on their website, but it doesn't say anything about sending anything to patients...i'm not sure if that is possible?***

David Chinn
c/o Chris & Katie Chinn
8097 Jeffery Ave S
, MN 55016-4942

If you are unsure of when something might arrive that you might choose to send, I would suggest using Chris and Katie's mailing address, since we know that we will be there throughout the stay.

Meals in Blacksburg
Some of you have also asked about how you can help provide meals in Blacksburg that first week we're back. I am leaving the coordinating of this up to our dear friend Jeanette Staats, and she can be e-mailed at this address if you are interested:

Thanks to those who already have "chipped in" by giving us some gift cards to use the two weeks while we're in Minnesota.

Thanks for everyone's concern and care shown to us. Also, thanks for the prayers and generosity shown so far. We are humbled by the love and care our friends and family have shown to this point. Pray for safe travels on Monday, and I'll send out another update once we're there. Also, if you would like to reach us, feel free to call my cell phone on the trip: 540-449-9852, or after the first few days, you can call David directly at 540-449-9853.


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