Thursday, May 22, 2008

Update on Chris

David talked to Chris recently, and he is doing well, making progress. He's also still in some pain and very sore. He's going in (as scheduled) 3x a week for check-ups and is taking an extraordinary amount of pills daily (anti-rejection).

Chris does have one prayer request. One of the anti-rejection meds he is taking is causing him to retain a lot of water (something like 40 pounds in a few days) and it is making him uncomfortable. They took him off that med and he dropped it, but they had to put him back on it last week when some of his tests came back somewhat concerning.

He has talked to his doc about it, who said that he would watch it even closer now since they know he was having an adverse affect to it. Although he is a big guy anyway, he said the extra weight (it's been a couple weeks that this has been going on) is making him really uncomfortable and sore, hard to sleep, etc.

So pray for the docs to figure out this water retention thing. Otherwise, the kidney has been accepted so far, which remains positive news.

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