Thursday, May 1, 2008

Last Check-up Today

So yesterday was a fairly "busy" day around the house just because everyone was here pretty much all day. Chris had gotten home the evening before, and other than a doctor's appointment in the morning, we were all around. This is in stark contrast to the days prior when it was just David and I from early morning until late at night, when Katie and her mom would come home in time for bed.

We ate Nathan's hotdogs for lunch yesterday and listened to the White Sox game on the radio. It was being played here in Minnesota but was blacked out on TV. I also went for a run, and it was great to get outside, although I was definitely feeling out of shape.

We also watched a few movies Chris had rented prior to surgery that needed to be returned today, so that took quite a bit of time. All in all, it was a full day at the house.

David continues to seem stronger each day, although he tires very fast. Just a short walk will zap his strength for some time. I know he is getting cabin fever, though, so he is looking forward to getting out of the neighborhood today for his doctor's appointment.

At 11:00 (central) this morning, we go for his check-out at the transplant office. They'll look over his incisions and do some labs and make sure we're okay to leave. Assuming all goes as planned, we'll pack up tonight and leave here early, early tomorrow morning. We have a 6:00am flight, so it will be an early day.

I'll post more after the check-up today...

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