Sunday, May 4, 2008

Update on David

David's body continues to heal, but he also continues to struggle sleeping. Since the surgery, he has consistently suffered from night sweats when he tries to sleep. This has really caused him to not get good rest, and has left him extremely tired. We spoke to the nurses about it on Thursday, but they didn't have any good answers. We found out it was side effect of the oxycodone, so David went without the pain medication for 24 hours, but still had the night sweats afterwards. Starting to get concerned and knowing he needs sleep, I consulted our favorite nurse, Chris Roberts, who we trust with our lives. I knew Chris would give me straight and sound advice on what I should do. He reassured me that without a fever (David hasn't registered a fever) that he was probably not suffering from an infection and instead it was likely just his body adapting coupled with the pain management and medication. He spoke to me in language I understood but also with enough medical information to feel good about the situation. (Thanks Chris!)

Please keep praying for David's body to heal, and specifically, pray he can sleep and that the night sweats will subside. Part of today's mini-message in church was asking the question, "How big is your God?" I know and believe God is big enough to take away the night sweats and allow David to truly sleep solidly for the first time in weeks. Help me pray for this and believe in this as well. Thanks all!

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