Thursday, April 8, 2010

Daisy's first ER visit

The past few days after our return from France have been interesting -- and exhausting!

Daisy's been a little under the weather the past few days. It came to a head on Tuesday night, when she had some symptoms which made us nervous so we called our doctor. He suggested we go ahead and take her to the ER (mostly as a precaution), and we ended up being there until 3:30ish am. Talk about long night and no sleep for mommy and daddy!

Good news is that they ran some tests and it's nothing serious. She just seems to have another lung infection which could be from a cold or virus or something. We feel very blessed.

Here's a pic of her in the hospital.

They tried to run an IV/blood draw line and it didn't work -- 3 times. This was the hardest part for David and I as we had to help hold her down and she cried and cried and looked at us like "Why aren't you saving me?" and we just had to watch. One of the attempts was a vein in her forehead -- and she had a nice band-aid for 24 hours after that one.

Here she is sleeping Wednesday morning on my lap.

Finally, here she is with Daddy in the waiting room of the doctor's office Wednesday for the follow-up appointment.

She's doing SO much better today. She's on antibiotics and I think they are working pretty well. She was happy this morning when I dropped her off at daycare.

We didn't get to tell a ton of people while it was happening because it was really late and we didn't really know anything. Like I didn't even call my mom until after her follow-up appointment yesterday. So if you're just hearing about this now on the blog, its not because we didn't want you to know.

At this point, pray for her continued healing and that God would guide us to get a few more answers in the future as to why she keeps getting these infections in her lungs and if there's anything we need to do as parents to help.


Lisa said...

oh Wendy, I know that is so hard. I will pray for sweet Daisy!

The Roberts said...

I can't believe you went to the ER and we didn't get a call.