Friday, April 2, 2010

Thursday - Picnic on the coast

We had the rental car one last day, so we decided to do a short day trip to another nearby region of France. We went to the market in the morning and bought a few items, including a rotisserie chicken and rabbit (along with potatoes cooked in the drippings) for a picnic at our destination. We then drove to Sanary and hand our picnic on the beach (it was rather cold and windy, but it was sunny!) We drove into the town and drank hot chocolate in a cafe, and finished up the day out by touring a winery in Bandol (more pics of that in a later post).

The méditerranéen...

The rotisserie chicken that I pulled apart for us to eat on our picnic

and the rabbit and potatoes that we tried. The rabbit was good, very tender, and it of course, tasted like chicken...

Daisy ate at the picnic, too!

This place was pretty much like paradise...according to the flower

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