Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sanaray and wine tasting

After our picnic, we walked around the marina taking pictures of some of the boats and enjoying the quaint little town. We of course, stopped in a cafe for some drinks...
Although it had gotten quite warm, especially sitting in the sun as we were, hot chocolate was our drink of choice, since we have given up coffee for lent...and beyond!

Daisy didn't have hot chocolate, she had artichoke... and still doesn't like it as much as bananas and peaches
We then went wine tasting in Bandol and met this woman at Domaine de la Noblesse. (That means the noblemen's home). Apparently years ago an a nobleman lived there. This woman was amazingly friendly, even though she didn't speak very much english. Typical winery/home, we showed up and she was just working around the house and stopped what she was doing to give us a tour and tasting.

Here is the cave... Some of the barrels in teh cave are over 200 years old... Interestingly enough, she owns the whole home, but only a portion of the cave that is beneath her home. Years ago there were three brothers that had some sort of falling out and they divided everything up. So some of the barrels go completely unused since there isn't any practical way of bringing wine from outside this vineyard and into the barrels.

They had a large crop of olives the previous year, so they decided to make olive oil. I thought that was pretty cool, so I bought a bottle. Wendy and I love olive oil and getting some fresh olive oil sounded like fun. Maybe we are just american tourists, but it sounded good to us. We are looking forward to trying it when we return home! Here are the olive trees and part of the vines.

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