Friday, April 16, 2010

3.2 for 32

This morning Daisy and I "ran" with 6000 other Hokies in the run for remembrance to honor the victims of April 16. (Thanks Kati for the jogging stroller...)

It was a very strange anniversary. I was missing many friends who I spent the first April 16 with, and I also didn't end up doing any of the normal activities I have the past few years. I didn't even attend the candlelight vigil tonight. I think I just needed a break to create some new April 16 thoughts.

Anyway, I did run the race this morning and am glad I did.

Balloons at the start

Daisy took a snooze for about half the race

Running through the tunnel in Lane Stadium

Daisy next to the the finish

Daisy and mommy after the finish

VT University Relations was taking video, and Daisy and I make an appearance in their YouTube video. We're at the 2:24 mark...

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Nicki said...

Wendy, this is great!!! I figured you were probably out there! Wish we could have seen you and sweet Daisy! Great pictures. :)