Friday, April 30, 2010

A few quick pics...

I've been meaning to post this pic for a while. This is daisy's future best friend and maid of honor. Her name is Penelope. Aren't her and daisy beautiful? They were born two weeks apart.

After a hard day playing at daycare, daisy needed a nap on daddy.

I couldn't resist turning the light on this morning to get this picture of her still asleep in our bed.

And a couple pics from the past. Even though this was a long night and the hardest as parents to date, don't my two favorite ladies look cozy... And beautiful!

Oh shwarma how I miss you...

Oh how I miss Wendy loving shwarma even more than shwarma itself! When your spouse loves something you love, is there anything better?

YouTube Video

I can't wait to travel with my jet-setting girls, soon!

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