Monday, September 6, 2010

Daisy's Birthday Party

Wow! Today we celebrated Daisy's first birthday with family and friends. The party was held at Grammy & Grandpa Rose's house in Mechanicsville.

Gramma Chinn, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Mike all were in attendance, as were Aunt Cheri, cousins Jonas & Asher, both great-grandmothers (Mema and Granny), two great-aunts (Elsie & Mary Kay), plus some cousins (Becky with little Wyatt and Lorrie with Kate). Then we had a bunch of friends we know from VT along with one of my friends from childhood (and her family), who made the most amazing ladybug cake!

It was a ladybug-themed party and we grilled out. The weather was gorgeous although the flies got a little out-of-hand. But overall we had a wonderful time. Daisy was a bit under the weather, although she did enjoy the cake quite a bit.

Here are some pictures of her having cake for the first time:

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