Thursday, September 9, 2010

Massive Update In Progress!!

So I know a number of you have been checking back the past few weeks for updates... A lot has happened since Friday, August 27.

I turned 31 on August 29, we went out of town for Labor Day weekend, I ran my first half-marathon, we celebrated Daisy's first birthday with a party and then dinner out, and David and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary.

It's kind of a slow day for me so I'll work on getting some posts up for these. I'll try and post them on the actual dates they happened, and put links here. Stay tuned!


jeanette said...

yay! something to look forward to while i sit on the couch! :)

blaireruch said...

you should be proud of me! i did not nag you for pics! i REALLY wanted to! yay for the post-a-day comeback! i love it!

happy b-day to both of you lovely ladies, and happy anniversary as well!