Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Videos from the past two weeks

This is my new horsey from Brennan. I like it a lot, although I’ve only figured how to go in reverse!

I like the box from my horse, too. Especially the sound it makes when I tap in it…although I got stuck in the box and daddy had to help me out.

Mommy is putting me on my new horse and giving me a little push to get started… I was more interested in pushing the button that makes the horsey noise than going forward.

I’m almost on to the horse myself, but it keeps moving…

I see that balloon… I’m gonna get it!

I got a hungry hippo that I really enjoy pushing down on,… but then I saw this big floating ladybug! I’m gonna get it! I think…

Warning, not for those of you who get sick on rollercoasters… this is the first time daisy has been near steps (we were at homegroup). And she just crawled over to them and started going up! I was trying to pull out my phone and catch her if she fell so it’s a crazy video, but our little girl just spontaneously started climbing up steps. She made it up about 6 steps on her own, with no help!

She then came down a few steps and started holding the posts in the rail and going back up. (please excuse my narrating. I was pretty excited and surprised!)

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