Saturday, September 18, 2010

Free pizza Friday

I was the recipient of free pizza twice on Friday... It was "fall bash" at work which meant student activities provided free pizza for lunch.

For dinner, our friends Greg and Annie were in town so we went to PK's. Jeanette joined us, and it turned out the only table open on the patio was in a reserved section. The other people in that section not only allowed us to take the open table, but they shared their pizza and wings with us, too. It was very generous. Daisy enjoyed trying the pizza and gnawed on some crust for quite some time.

Here's a picture of Jeanette holding Daisy and Daisy's birthday present.

Daisy was more excited than she looks. :) The gift contained snacks such as biter biscuits and a coupon for a night out with her godmother.

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