Saturday, September 11, 2010

Let her eat cake

It's been one of those days. If you're a Hokie fan, you know why. Wow, what a loss today to JMU. Ugh. And if you're local, you know, the weather was as nasty as the game. Just rainy and wet and yucky. Double ugh.

Although we didn't have tickets to the game, we went to a tailgate with some folks we've been tailgating with the past few years. Here are some pics of Daisy at the tailgate.

She took a nap on my lap while David and I watched the game over the internet... wow... wish I had slept through the whole thing (I did take a nap in the 3rd quarter).

Once Daisy woke up, we were all in a funk so we decided it was time for Daisy to enjoy more of her birthday cake.

She seemed to like it a lot.
Somebody needed something to enjoy this afternoon!

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