Saturday, July 3, 2010

Blueberries and Boxes

First, I want to wish my grandparents a happy anniversary! Mema and Papa have been married for 62 years!!! Wow!!!

This morning, I got up and met my GYRO girls to run. Hannah and I ran 6 miles while Nicki and Sarah ran 7. After thinking about it, I realized I hadn't run 6 miles at once in 13 years. Pretty cool! I'm hoping to do a separate post soon about running. Back to today...

When I got back, David, Daisy and I met a classmate of Daisy's from daycare (and her parents) to pick blueberries at Crow's Nest Farm.

We then enjoyed lunch together at Lefty's Main Street Grill.

This afternoon and evening, we've been working on stuff around the house. To keep Daisy occupied earlier, we let her sit in a box and play for a bit. She seemed to have fun!

Now, we're watching the White Sox and planning to go to bed at a decent hour. A great Saturday in my opinion.

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