Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Beginnings

Today, I planned to run early but it was raining. Therefore, mom and I began to look for something to do indoors at Mema's. (Mom spent he night at the farm, down the road, but came up to Mema's early. Dad stayed at farm to work on a project there.)

We ended up deciding to reorganize and clean out the pantry in order to move Mema's big freezer from the extra room (which has stairs) into the main living space (she has a bum knee).

It took most of the day, but we cleaned and purged a lot!

Daisy did well playing on her own most of the day. She finally fussed just to be held, but I had left my carriers in Blacksburg. I ended up cutting up one o Mema's sheets and making q baby wrap out of it. Daisy was happy.

She took two naps on the floor...

...And enjoyed eating in the old-fashioned high-chair.

Daddy David came back from Blacksburg and helped Dad with the farm gate project before joining us a Mema's for dinner.

We volunteered to stay with Mema one more night to give the folks down here a respite. Normally we are too far away to help.

Although I know it is hard to change, Mema had a great attitude today in letting us reorganize to prepare her for living alone. Here's to new beginnings!

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