Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bobike Mini

First, I want to say that tonight we went to the visitation for Cheryl. I had a great visit with Blaire, who was doing remarkably well considering her mom just passed away. Blaire reminded me she is one of this blog's biggest fans, and I am thankful for the time we had to visit in the back room while nursing our babies. Maybe Everett and Daisy will hook up one day... okay, at least maybe they'll be friends. Even if the Ruchs do live in Topeka. To read about Cheryl and her amazing life, click here.

Now, onto the focus of today's blog post. The bobike mini. This is a bike seat that I read about on several family biking blogs (totcycle, for one) and fell in love with. It's a front-mounted seat made in Holland and is a favorite with bikers in Europe. It took us a while to get it mounted on our bike due to some confusion and a lack of tools at home, but today, with the help of my dad, I got it installed. After watching the end of the World Cup final, we took Daisy for her first bike ride.

Here she is getting used to her helmet:

Riding with mommy (who is also smartly wearing her helmet):

Riding with daddy (who's helmet was left in B'burg):

Overall, Daisy seemed to love riding with us on the bike, and we look forward to more family bike rides in the future!

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Lisa said...

Wendy, that is an awesome bike seat! I love it and Daisy looks adorable. I never liked how bike seats are in the back where you can't see the kids. have fun!