Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Naked baby!

This afternoon, David took some time off of work and he and Lisa took Daisy to Wal-Mart and they bought a baby pool. I was still at work, but they had fun splashing around on our deck.

David will post videos from this soon.

When I got home, we grilled out and ate dinner on the deck. Daisy was naked from taking off her bathing suit.

After dinner, David put Daisy in the pool again one more time so I could see her play in the water. In the first picture, she is looking at Radley. She is very intrigued by the dog, but no, we are not getting one. That is the first thing everyone asks when they see the video because she laughs at the dog and likes to pet her. But still, no dog for us.

 I think I will save the pics for her rehearsal dinner someday. :)

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