Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Post A Day... July Challenge

I've given myself a July challenge. I will make at least one blog post each day.

Recently, I've gotten behind on blogging. When I think about it, I only will have 5 minutes and I think, "There's no way I can get caught up in that time." So I do nothing. Father's Day weekend is a great example. I still haven't posted anything (although David did a short picture post from the baseball game) because I got behind and then haven't "had time" to get caught up.

Silly me. Enough. Most of you are here to see pictures of Daisy anyway (and keep up with David and I in addition to the cute pics of Daisy). :) So for July, no matter what, I will make a post a day, even if very short or only a picture. That is my commitment! Here goes!

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