Monday, July 12, 2010

Honoring a Friend

Today, we went to the funeral for Cheryl.

It was a wonderful service and was very meaningful. I laughed and cried and felt every emotion in between. Hunter, Blaire's hubby, shared a eulogy and it captured the essence of Cheryl so well. Cheryl actually planned the service herself about six weeks ago, so that when the day came, it would speak to her family and friends as much as it spoke about her.

After the service, there was a lunch downstairs in the fellowship hall. It was nice to spend some more time visiting with other friends and the Dennier family.

Daisy got tired during lunch, so she took a nap on the floor (on daddy's suit coat).

She rolled over part-way through but stayed asleep.

Cheri and Blaire talking while the kids ran around.

Blaire and Everett (Daisy's new friend).

Daisy and Everett - I was trying to get a picture of them together but Daisy wasn't cooperating.

Then she began to fuss

Look at that face! Unhappy!

After the funeral, we got packed up and hit the road in the rain back to Blacksburg. We stopped for a quick dinner in Waynesboro to let Daisy get out of the car seat some. We found a little pizza joint named Giovanni's that was quite tasty.

Daisy snacked on her little puff snacks.

We're home at last. It's been a long week and my emotions are a little out of whack. I'm not sure I'm ready for work tomorrow, but I guess it's time to get back in the groove.

Time now for sleep, in my own bed. Now if only Daisy would start sleeping through the night...

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