Thursday, July 10, 2008

chicken and waffles

So at the nlcf staff meeting on Tuesday, we discussed restaurants that serve chicken and waffles. It started with Ddubb mentioning that he had heard of this, to which Ryan replied, "Snoop talks about that all the time on his Reality show. It's called Roscoe's." I mentioned that Gladys Knight has a similar restaurant in Atlanta (I heard about at Deeper Still the other week) and Jeanette finalized the discussion with the admission that she had seen one in Roanoke (called Thelma's). Mike confessed he didn't like fried chicken (it sour's his stomach?!?!?!) and we all wondered, "what kind of pastor do we have who doesn't like fried chicken?" Or at least that's what I wondered...

Anyway, ever since Tuesday, I cannot stop thinking about chicken & waffles. I love both of those foods, and have been craving them together ever since.

Ddubb then emailed the staff this video, and Mike followed by suggesting this one. It's all become too much for me. I want chicken and waffles now!

I'm going to have to find some peeps to take a trip to Thelma's so we can give it a try... Any takers in Bburg up for a road trip to Roanoke for some chicken n' waffles?

And finally, a confession: I love working for a church where we can discuss chicken and waffles for 30 minutes of a staff meeting. I don't make many such meetings these days because of my other (*paying*) job, but when I can make them, I always leave feeling like we've accomplished something! :)

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Annie said...

Oh my gosh! So funny. I can't believe you're mentioning this. Greg and I drove through Roanoke Saturday and saw that chicken & waffles place and I said, "Chicken and waffles? That is a gross combination of food." And Greg told me that it's actually a very popular resturant. I remember thinking that was very strange. But apparently this resturant is the talk of the town!
So... as I am never averse to trying new things... next time I'm in Blacksburg we'll go to Roanoke and have some Chicken and Waffles =)