Tuesday, July 22, 2008

tonight is the night, plus other happenings.

tonight is roscoe's night... a.k.a. our church staff team's chicken and waffles night at the hartsooks!

i am so excited! the chinns are taking care of the waffle part. ryan has promised to use his personal recipe for the fried chicken, and several others are bringing sides and such. i will post pictures later! :)

in other news:

last night, we had our final summer women's bible study. we've been doing the stepping up study with beth moore, and it has been quite a journey. the focus of the study is the psalms of ascent, and i have learned so much from these 15 songs. as a group we memorized psalm 121, and kiera helped us put hand motions to the verses last night. she is extremely talented and creative, and it helps to have those left-brained people in such a group. several folks had to miss last night, so we are going to wait and take our group picture when all are around. that gives us a good reason to have a "reunion" in a few weeks (to take a picture together and maybe share a pot-luck). i will miss my monday nights with these ladies as they truly have blessed me with their presence. we have all grown so much, individually in our walks with God as well as together as a group. we've laughed together and shared our hearts with each other. its been one of my favorite groups ever!

finally, i am going to be making an impromptu road trip to richmond tomorrow to visit rachel! year two of med school starts next week, and my job starts in august, so now is the time! i'll try to snap some pics and make a post from there as well.


Chris, Shawnea & Hannah Roberts said...
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The Roberts said...

I posted earlier and it was all messed up - weird, anyway, trying again:
I finished this study in May. I learned a ton and am sad to say that I really had no idea what these psalms were about until I did this study! I totally recommend doing it!

Sher Vogel said...

how was the fried chicken and waffles? tell rach I said hi! :)