Wednesday, July 30, 2008

time for a few updates...

there are several things i want to update everyone on:

1) Before & After - no i didn't forget. i know the deadline passed on this one from what i wrote earlier. boomama has postponed her date, but i spent all weekend working on our bedroom and bathroom (items #2 & #3) and can let you know that I AM DONE!!!

that's right: SUCCESS! so i didn't finish until july 28, but still... i'm finished! i don't have any before pictures, but i'll post some after pics later. stay tuned.

2) ICE CREAM FAST - a number of you know i gave up ice cream from early july until AUGUST 8 (jeanette's bday). its kind of like a summer lent, i guess, but i wanted to practice self-discipline and give something up that sometimes has power over me. (did i mention how much i love ice cream?)

this weekend, i did eat few bites of ice cream while at a baby shower, but only because it was an ice cream cake and a piece was handed to me and i could not hand it back. that would have been totally inappropriate to make a scene in such a setting. it was during the gift opening and there was just no way not to eat it without drawing attention. kati, who we all know is very wise (no pun intended), was next to me and i told her my dilemma, and she agreed i had to eat it. i don't want to be legalistic about this "fast" so i decided it was only a few bites (i was handed a very small piece).

here's the thing: i didn't even enjoy it. it wasn't very good. all the other ladies raved about how yummy the cake was. and i'm sure it was. i believe that God didn't let me enjoy it so that i wouldn't feel guilty. he knew i wasn't succumbing to temptation, so i think he let me not really enjoy it so that i would stay strong.

this was put to the test the next day. we had some friends in from out of town, and after church a group of us went to el rod's for lunch. katie had been promised by her hubby jason that they'd get tcby while in town, because she had been craving it and there wasn't one in richmond. so after lunch, we walked across the street and they all got ice cream/yogurt. except me! i held up and did not give into the temptation. the boys all sat at the kiddie picnic table, which i thought was cute. they are so funny!

anyway, i feel good about not falling off the wagon and look forward to officially breaking my ice cream fast while celebrating the olympics and sassy's bday on aug. 8!

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