Monday, July 7, 2008

Minnesota Recap

So we spent last week in Minnesota with David's family celebrating Grandpa Miller's 90th birthday. We had a great week staying in a lake house eating together, fishing together, and shopping together.

We arrived in Minneapolis Monday morning after flying out of Charlotte. God really blessed our flight and we flew first class on standby! We didn't have to pay for the first class seats and enjoyed a delicious breakfast on the flight. We were sitting in Row 1 -- a first for me! It was an awesome experience that actually had a number of spiritual parallels for me. I'll share those at a later time.

On Tuesday, we smoked a pig that we ate on all week. David, Scott and Mike ran the show and I carved the pig when it was done.

The ladies went out on Wednesday for manicures/pedicures and some shopping. The men stayed home and played poker and pool.

On Thursday night we all went out to dinner for Grandpa's 90th, and I tried walleye for the first time (it's a very popular fish up in MN).

On Thursday/Friday, Chris took his boat out in fishing "shifts" and David and I went on Friday. I caught 20 fish! They weren't all big, but Chris told me that a fish is a fish! That's my new favorite saying!

David and I left early, early, early on Saturday morning. We left the house at 2:30 am in Grandpa's car. He wanted to drive and at first refused to give David the keys, but after a few minutes, we were able to convince him to let David get behind the wheel. For the next 2.5 hours, he showed off his remarkable photographic memory and told stories about people and places. We landed in Charlotte around 10:00 and were home around 1:00, just in time for me to get my act together for church on Sunday (I was speaking and my message needed a lot of work.)

What a great week...more stories later.

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