Monday, July 21, 2008

did i mention...

...that God is downright amazing? i meant to post this yesterday, but the day went faster than i could keep up with.

yesterday i had the opportunity to speak on psalm 51 at church, and to start the week i wasn't excited about it. but on friday, God gave me a fresh word and it just rocked and rolled from there. i had the chance to do something i've never done, and that was speak without notes during my sermon. i didn't need any, because it was all God and i just spoke from the Word. i couldn't contain my excitement and passion for God's word, and it was just a blast. like seriously it was the coolest thing ever.

of course i was nervous ahead of time even though i had practiced for several hours on saturday, just pacing around our basement preaching to the air. but nerves are good because they keep me humble and remind me that it is not me -- its ALL God!

this weekend has been full of so much joy. my excitement over God's Word is just because He is good and alive and i just want to share it with others. so i hope others are blessed by what he can say through me, and if it can encourage anyone else to get into His Word for themselves, i've done my job.

if you go online to listen, i'd love to hear any constructive criticism or feedback. i'm really desiring to work on my communication skills as i seek to honor God in his call on my life as a bible teacher.

and if you remember, keep me in your prayers that i will be faithful in this role in His kingdom. the next time i'll speak is aug. 10, when i'll cover the psalms of ascent in our last week in our psalms series.

thanks for everyone's encouragement. and remember, God is good. run hard after Him and He will always come through!

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