Monday, October 5, 2009

It's a Miracle! (sort of)

That's right -- the miracle blanket worked. Sort of!

We tried it Saturday night and Daisy pitched a fit. I mean she was not happy at all and was screaming at the top of her lungs. Finally we gave up for the night. But Sunday night, Grammy and Grandpa Rose were in town and Grammy helped Mommy wrap up Daisy.

We put her down in the blanket (pictured below -- the room was dark) and she actually slept for 1.5 hours without being held. She woke up to feed around 1:00am and after she was done, she slept for another 1.5 hours in the Moses basket wrapped up in the miracle blanket. When she woke up for her 3:00 am feeding, I had to take her out of it to change her diaper and she was fussing enough not to put her back in it. But I am glad it worked for a few hours... :)

Today (Monday), I put Daisy in one of her new outfits... this one has pandas all over it. I love the Panda feet! :)

My sister loaned me this hanging toy mat and my mom brought it up yesterday. Daisy tried it out for the first time today. She laid under it for about 10 minutes and seemed somewhat interested. Not bad for a 4-week old!

We enjoyed lunch with some friends today (who just got married and are moving to California) and Daisy was worn out by the afternoon!

**P.S. Just a note: The Bears won on Sunday, as did the Grilled Cheesers! That's right. My fantasy football team got its first win of the season! :)


Katie said...

Yay for the miracle blanket!!! Hope you got some sleep! Can't wait to come babysit :)

Mom R. said...

I knew she would look cute in the panda outfit. We'll keep praying for the Miracle blanket to work some magic.