Thursday, October 1, 2009

Take your Daisy to work day!

Today is Thursday, otherwise known as "Take your Daisy to work day!"

David and I decided yesterday that today would be a great day to take Daisy to David's office to meet his coworkers.

This is Daisy at lunchtime -- getting ready in her "I (heart) my Dad" bib.

I wanted to get some exercise, so I decided to walk to David's office with Daisy in the stroller. It uses the car seat, so then we could just ride home with David afterwards. Here we are along the way -- she dozed off about 5 minutes into the journey and slept all the way there.

Daisy was a big hit at the office, especially with all the ladies!

Meeting so many new people definitely wore out Daisy (and Daddy). Here they are napping while I'm typing this!

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