Friday, October 2, 2009

Out and About

We woke up Friday to say goodbye to Daddy as he headed to Richmond for a work meeting. It was just Daisy and I for the day...

I had an nurse coming by in the morning to take samples for a life insurance policy, so Jeanette came by to be with Daisy while I was occupied. I decided to put Daisy's "cow" outfit on (Thanks Cheryl) because we all know Jeanette loves cows.

Here is the front of the outfit:

Here's Jeanette holding up Daisy to show the backside (it says "milk" in a bottle)... :)

During the middle of the day, Daisy laid down for a few minutes in the Moses basket. She "slept" for about 15 minutes while lying down. That's a start!

After napping, we headed out to Carilion so I could meet with Mercy, the lactation consultant, and just check in on how Daisy is feeding. Mercy weighed Daisy in and that proved she is in fact eating very well! She's up to 9 lbs. 11 oz.!

After running into Target to get some things we needed (Daisy slept in her car seat in the cart the whole time), I prepared to head to Panera to meet Jesse and Jackie for a little girl time. That's when Daisy woke up and started screaming. I was just a mile from Panera (although it's at least 3 stoplights) and there wasn't a good place to pull off. 5 minutes later, by the time I got to the Panera parking lot, Daisy was in her full mad scream. I got in the back seat to feed her (it was definitely time), and here's how much she was sweating. I think her reddish hair is already showing us its temper!

I enjoyed getting out of the house to meet with Jackie and Jesse. It was comforting for Daisy, too. She "met" with them weekly for weeks while in my belly. :) They took turns holding her, which was nice, too. That way she could cuddle and I could take some time off. I'm learning, even though I'm just three weeks into this, that sometimes a mom just needs a break. Daisy especially liked cuddling on Jackie's shoulder.

Daddy finally got home a little after 8:00 and Daisy was glad to see him. So was mommy!

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