Sunday, October 25, 2009


What a Sunday. Ugh.

As many of you know, we love sports and football here at HouseofChinn. Today proved to be an ugly day for our real team and our fantasy teams.

The day started with me (Wendy) sleeping through church. I woke up at 10am and church starts at 9:30. David was up with Daisy but had decided to let me sleep in because I don't get much sleep still during the week with Daisy (as she still will only sleep in our arms or lying on our chests).

We began watching football and David's fantasy team did okay but not great. Most of his guys played early. I have mostly Bears on my team, and things only got worse when they played at 4:00.

We dressed Daisy in a new Bears outfit this week, a combo of items from Grammy and the Schmidts.

This was as happy as we would look. The Bears were crushed in their game, losing to the Bengals 45-10. It was painful to watch it was so lopsided. That meant my fantasy team, the Grilled Cheesers, got destroyed as well. When all was said and done at the end of today, I lost my game by over 100 points. For those that don't know anything about fantasy points, that is totally embarassing! Worst loss I have ever seen anyone have in my five years playing fantasy football. Ugh.

Oh, and David, who is first place currently in our league, even lost his game. Double Ugh.

To top the night off, my childhood baseball team, the Angels, lost in he ALCS and won't be playing in the World Series. Triple Ugh. A just all-around bad sports week for our family!

In positive real-life news, Daisy is as cute as ever.

Daddy picked out her first outfit this morning.

She took a nap in the Moby Wrap on my shoulder.

That's about it for our Sunday... Is it basketball season yet?

Almost -- Bulls open their season on Thursday! :)

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GW said...

I was going to argue that my first week loss was worse at 106.6 points, but yours snuck in under it at 108.6. Love the Bears outfit by the way.