Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Cleaning Friday

Okay... Fall cleaning is a bit of an overstatement. But my mom came in town for the day to visit with Daisy and help me organize the nursery. So we did get Daisy's room cleaned and organized! And we also got curtains hung that she made. (Thanks Grammy!)

While we worked, we attempted to put Daisy down for a nap.

She lasted 15 minutes before waking up fussing. Then we changed her diaper and since she seemed happy on the changing table, we let her lie there for a few minutes.

In the evening, Daddy and Daisy took a nap:

Daddy then fed her a bottle.

Daisy bounced for a while in her bouncy seat.

She really likes to bury her head in Daddy's armpit.

Grammy & Daisy

Daisy swaddled and ready for bed:

She met Matt today for the first time. She also got a package of goodies from her Great Uncle Bob and Great Aunt Sharlene.

That's all for today -- it's bedtime! :)

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blaireruch said...

so cute! it's fun to see pics of Grammy! we have the sleep sheep too. i get freaked out by the whale and the heart beat sounds, so we don't use those. hope you get some good rest tonight!