Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Low Key Rainy Wednesday

Well it was a rainy Wednesday here in Blacksburg today, and since yesterday was so busy, it was a low-key day for us here at the house.

I gave Daisy a bath in the morning for the first time by myself... and she hates the bath anyway.

Her tub:

Her afterwards:

Once I got her dry, with a new diaper, and in new clothes, she was happy.

That is, until she had a diaper blow-out five minutes later and I had to change her clothes again. :)

We discovered she likes to lay under this light/musical toy for a few minutes now and then.

In the afternoon, we ended up making a trip to the store to get some different diaper rash cream that the pediatrician's office recommended since Daisy has had a rash that hasn't improved much the past few days.

She fell asleep in the car and was super cute.

I enjoyed talking to my dear friend Shawnea once I got home, and she provided a bunch of wisdom to me on various subjects related to motherhood! I can't wait for Daisy to meet her, Chris and Hannah.

A few other pics:

Daisy with Daddy when he got home.

Daisy after Daddy laid her down because he had to use the bathroom after holding her for a few hours.

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The Roberts said...

awe:) We can't wait to meet her too! I sent you a package today:) Love you!