Sunday, October 18, 2009


Well a lot has happened since the last post...

First, our excitement over the bottle was a little premature. She struggled this weekend to take bottles from David and I, until late Sunday night when finally we decided to allow the bottle to warm to room temperature. Then she took it. Let's hope she just dislikes cold bottles.

Saturday was a very cold day, so we spent it indoors. We watched a lot of college football. Our friend Jen came into town and met Daisy.

Jen brought Daisy a gift -- a really nifty pink Nike outfit.

Daisy was ready in her Hokie gear, but unfortunately, they weren't able to come away with the victory. It was the first VT loss since Daisy was born.

The loss definitely made for a down evening. To help us forget about it, we broke out the Wii.

Later, I stayed up to watch the Angels game, which they blew in extra innings to the Yankees. It wasn't my a good sports day for my teams.

Sunday, we took Daisy to church for the first time. Here she is in her dress that Rachel gave her.

Daisy with Daddy at church.

In the afternoon, we invited our old student homegroup (bible study) over to meet Daisy and play the Wii (which we got through their generous gifts).

Daisy peering over Colbi's shoulder.

Jen saying goodbye to Daisy before she drove back to Ashburn.

Daisy had two "blowouts" while the crew was here, so we had to change her outfit several times. Here she is sporting her "I love Daddy" onesie from Aunt Lisa.

Here, we decided to give her a bath after her second blowout, so I took a few pics of her just in a blanket. She seemed content. :)

Tonight, we are watching the Bears play on Sunday Night Football. They are losing at halftime, which is a bummer. (The Grilled Cheesers are losing again, although David's fantasy team, the Darlins, are winning again. At least one Chinn is a good fantasy football player.)

I guess we'll see how the second half goes... Bear down, Chicago Bears. Please?

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