Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Faces, Familiar Voices

Today (Tuesday) was a day of meeting new people for Daisy. I headed to Eastern Elementary/Middle out in Giles County, to introduce Daisy to the teachers, students, and my FPS coworkers.

While their faces were new to Daisy, their voices should have been familiar to her. These were the voices she heard 40 hours a week from the time her life began up until a week before she was born! :)

I spent half a day at school, waiting until lunch when I could show her off to my favorite 5th graders (last year's 4th graders that I worked with every day). They had a great time meeting Daisy.

I was so busy walking around with her that I forgot to take any pictures for the blog. Oops.

When we got home, she was definitely wiped out...

Later in the afternoon, Daisy got to meet another new friend -- Terri. Even though Terri has officially moved as of September, her voice should be another familiar one to Daisy, as she got to hear it in the womb a lot. Terri was in town she was in town at the end of a road trip and came by to meet and hold the little one. :)

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