Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Daisy @ Daycare: Day 2

Today was my second day at work, which meant Daisy's second full day at daycare.

Like yesterday, Daisy had trouble sleeping while there. When I picked her up, the sheet listed less than a hour total of sleep. As a result, I've held her since 3:15, trying to get her to sleep. When we got home i fed her, changed her, and gave her a bath. Since then, she has been zonked -- waking once to eat.

Here are the many faces of Daisy sleeping:

Sweet dreams! Pray she sleeps better tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

That is because you have trained her only to sleep when she is being held, it's your fault she doesn't sleep at daycare. They are not going to do her the disservice of holding her to sleep.

Katie said...

wow...well, wendy, i think daisy is very blessed to have parents that are able to devote that love, time, and attention to her...perhaps the world would be a different place if more people had been shown that kind of love and attention as a child?

blaireruch said...

Praying for all three of you! It is so hard in the beginning, but you will figure out what works best for your family. I love reading your blog and seeing the joy and self-sacrifice you have as you care for Daisy, even though there are challenges. What an example!

Hope she had a good day today, and you did too! I love her red hair, and her sweet round cheeks. It'll be fun to see her personality unfold in the months to come! Love y'all!

The Roberts said...

Seriously "anonymous" - make an ugly & insensitive comment and not have the guts to say who you are? Way to be supportive of a new mom. Wendy - stick in there - I've been there. the biggest thing to remember is that this won't last forever - it's such a short period of time (even though it feels like forever) that we can hold and rock are sweet little ones. It will be over before your know it. What a special gift you have right now (believe me - even though it is hard to look at it that way) You'll miss it when it is gone. It's a sweet time. I can't wait to meet sweet Daisy in a few weeks!

This is one of my favorite songs - "Let them be little" by Billy dean - listen here: