Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

I left off Tuesday with David's birthday. We went to dinner that night at Tokyo Steakhouse. We had a good time together.

Fire is part of the fun...
Here's David and Grandpa (who's 91 years old and drove from Colorado to join us):
The ladies at the restaurant sang Happy Birthday while banging a gong 31 times. (David tried to pretend he was 21 but we ratted him out!)

On Wednesday, the guys spent the day in the kitchen as preparations were made for Thursday. Daisy hung out with Aunt Katie.
Isn't her ladybug outfit cute?!?!?!

Some of us went out for lunch at an English pub.

In the evening, David and I snuck away for a dinner date while his mom and sis babysat Daisy.

Late Wednesday, Uncle Scott, Aunt Amy and cousin Brennan arrived. (They live in Chicago.) Daisy met them Thanksgiving morning. Pictured is Scott and Brennan at the table ready for the Thanksgiving meal.
Here's a bunch of the family seated ready to eat the feast.

In addition to the big meal, we also did an early b-day celebration for B-man on Thursday.
Here are the Chinn siblings with nephew Brennan.

Daisy also got to hang out with Gramma a lot.

A few of us decided to brave the crowds and go shopping at the outlets at midnight with hundreds, I mean thousands, of our closest friends. We had to wait in a lot of long lines...

It hailed on us several times... (not joking)

It was also very cold waiting for Target to open up. I loaned Katie my stocking hat because I had a sweatshirt hood. I also put on the Under Armour shirt I had just bought at the outlet. That really warmed me up. :)

We returned at 8:30, just in time for Katie to say bye and head with Chris to the airport. I promptly fed Daisy, who wasn't happy with the bottle daddy was trying to feed her with.

Then I took several naps before joining a group for lunch.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing some more. Daisy and cousin Brennan got to hang out together, so naturally we took some pictures.

Finally, we began to pack our stuff up before calling it a night. Daisy was super cute at bedtime.

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