Monday, November 9, 2009

Shots :(

Today Daisy had her 2-month appointment which included some vaccines. She did not like them at all.

Here she is in Daddy's arms after they were over:

She did weigh in at 12 lbs 4 oz.

She has since slept most of the day, between feedings and crying spells.

On a happier note, she had some of the best smiles ever this morning before the doctors.

We'll try to remember the high points when she goes back got her next shot later this week. That's right -- she has to go back because they were out of a shot. We've had this visit scheduled for 8 weeks -- they knew we were coming. Vaccines aren't surprise things. They are usually scheduled well in advance. And they were out? Unbelievable. Now we'll have to fo the crying child day again soon. Is it just me, or could they have planned better?

Oh well -- Daisy will be okay.


blaireruch said...

ohmigosh, the smiles are awesome!
sorry about the shots.
she is huge!
that's got to make you feel great - she's growing so well! :)

Katie said...

LOVE the smiles and pictures!!! shots stink the peace corps, our pc medical officer used to be a large animal vet, so she would slap our arms (like she would do for horses) before vaccines and that would sting enough to not even feel the shot! i don't know how that would work with daisy you and your amazing family!!! :)