Friday, November 6, 2009

A fall Friday

Since I'm only working 3 days per week, I get to spend 4 straight days with Daisy (Friday-Monday).

Today, Daisy and I slept in (except for feedings) and just relaxed.

We the walked downtown and met David for lunch. He walked from his office and we met at Backstreets.

After some time at home in the afternoon, Daisy and I went for another walk. (It's the end of the fall leaf season -- most have fallen, but it's still an amazing time to be outside.) This time we walked to Kroger.

Once at Kroger, Daisy was hungry so I gave her a bottle.

David met us there when he got off work and we all rode home together. The rest of the night we just hung out at home.

That's about it for Friday! Sleep well!

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