Monday, November 2, 2009

More firsts for Daisy!

Well the past 5 days have been full of more firsts for Daisy... things have been busy so it's been harder to get posts up.

This past weekend, I was speaking at a conference for college students at Eagle Eyrie. I was doing the Saturday morning session, and I didn't find out my topic for sure until the previous weekend. That left me with last week to finalize my talk. That meant I needed some time with my hands free, so several generous friends stopped by at various points to hold and feed Daisy. This worked out well since we were wanting her to get used to taking bottles from others anyway. Jessica, Kati, and Beth all came and helped, and Daisy enjoyed her time with her new friends. :)

Here's Jess with Daisy on Wednesday:

In addition to me having the conference to prep for, we had our friends Dom and Hilary coming to visit us from France. They arrived on Thursday in time for the football game. We tailgated with some friends, and we took Daisy with us. She and Hilary both experienced their first ever Hokie game. At least Daisy won't remember the game and therefore the loss, which definitely was a bummer.

Here are some pics from the game (we had AMAZING seats -- 50 yard line, row HH):

On Saturday, Jesse and Hilary gracious enough to come with me to Lynchburg and hold Daisy while I spoke. David and Dom went fishing in the New River to celebrate Dom's 30th Birthday.

As I already posted, Daisy was dressed up as a ladybug for Halloween. For those who don't know, the only "pets" I had as a kid were ladybugs -- I love them! When I saw this costume, I knew it was a winner! :)

Halloween wore Daisy out:

On Sunday, we watched football (of course) and both the Bears and Grilled Cheesers had good days. We also ate the fish the boys caught.

We had a wonderful time this weekend with Dom and Hilary and we look forward to visiting them in France sometime soon.

Today, in anticipation of my first day back at work Tuesday, we took Daisy to daycare for a few hours. It was definitely hard to leave her -- I cried in the car -- but we trust she is in good hands. Please be praying for her and us as we make this transition. My job is part-time (more on that tomorrow) so I'm only working 3 days a week right now. Still, it is hard to say goodbye to her even though I feel confident God has led me to the job I'm in. (Anyone else read that sentence and think Boyz II Men?)

Here is Daisy in Daddy's arms at daycare:

Well that's about it for now... it's bed time. Tomorrow is a big day for the Chinns.

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blaireruch said...

Great post, Wendy! You've been a busy mama! Daisy is so blessed to have you and Dave as parents. I've been thinking and praying for you, as I knew that going back to work would be coming around the corner soon. Everett was 4 weeks on Monday, and I think Daisy turned 8 weeks, is that right? Easy to remember their happy "week"days! :)
Hunter and I will keep praying for y'all and hope that the transition goes smoothly for all. You are loved! Can't wait to hear how it goes!