Sunday, November 15, 2009

Long Weekend

Since my parents were visiting, David decided to take Friday off. We did a lot of relaxing both Friday and Saturday.

We ran errands in Christiansburg, ate lunch at El Gran Rodeo, then Daisy got her last vaccine for awhile.

Daisy before vaccine:

Daisy after vaccine:

We then all crashed back at the house and just relaxed or napped. We made burgers for dinner and then walked downtown and got Rita's for dessert.

Saturday, David and I slept in while Grammy and Grandpa played with Daisy.

I then went and donated blood and got a haircut downtown. The rest of the gang walked around the farmers' market and bookstore.

We grabbed lunch at the China Inn befor heading to David's office to catch part of the VT vs. Maryland game online. (Campus has way faster Internet connection than stinky Comcast.) Daisy slept on Grammy during the game.

We then came home for some more relaxing time and a pizza dinner before mom and dad hit the road for Mechanicsville.

We had a great time and hope they can visit again soon. :)

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