Sunday, March 7, 2010

Daisy's 6th Month Birthday!

Today was Daisy's 6 month birthday! That meant eating solids for the first time! Yay!!!! :)

Daddy gave her the first bites (we chose banana).

Here's an actual video of her first bite:

Then mommy gave her some, followed by Grandpa & Grammy, and then Wade. We took a lot of pictures and video -- it was like the paparazzi was following her every bite!

Here are a couple additional videos if you are interested:

She seemed to enjoy the taste and she took to eating right away! It was funny, though, because at times she tried to eat her bib instead of the banana, as if that were tastier. :)

After her meal, Daddy David had to leave to drive to Sterling for a business conference he'll be attending all week. Tomorrow Grammy & Grandpa will still be here, but starting Tuesday, it will just be Daisy & mommy...

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blaireruch said...

super cute!
it was so fun to hear all of those familiar M'ville voices!
we just started Everett on rice cereal at his 5 month last Friday. it's gonna be messy at both of our houses!