Thursday, March 4, 2010

Grammy's Birthday Surprise!

This past weekend, Grammy Rose turned 60! That's right -- the big 6-0 -- and Daisy wanted to celebrate with her! :)

We woke up early Saturday morning and left the house a bit before 6:00am. David drove the whole way while I sat in the back with Daisy.

The sun started to rise eventually, but Daisy still slept!

When she finally did wake up, she gave me quite a confused/tired look...

Grandpa decided we would surprise Grammy at breakfast at Cracker Barrel...we got there first and waited at the table...

When Grammy saw us, she was excited to see us and hold Daisy!

Daisy had fun on Daddy's shoulders...

In the afternoon, I went to a movie with Rachel. Before the movie, Daisy got a "squeeze" from her Aunt Coyote!

That night, we made a steak dinner for Grammy.

After dinner, we had a "surprise" party where friends showed up at the house to surprise Mom. It was a fun little time. (I have some pics of that on my camera that I'll try to upload soon.)

The boys wrestled while the adults hung out in the other room.

Cheri, David and I watched the VT-MD game on the computer (since Richmond didn't broadcast the game on TV). We were so sad that we lost in double-OT. :( (This picture was taken after we tied the game to send it to OT.)

Aunt Cheri and Daisy.

Headed home on Sunday... Daisy was worn out from a fun weekend!

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