Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday in France

Today's been a lazy day. That's the point of our trip really -- to take a vacation and just relax. This picture of Daisy from this morning sums it all up. :)
You've seen pictures of the pain au chocolate from this morning... then we relaxed around the house. Daddy fed Daisy some carrots.
She got pretty messy!

Then, we went out to the park. The boys played football while Daisy and I relaxed on a bench.
Daisy then took a nap and I just enjoyed the scenary.

After leaving the park, we did a quick lunch from a corner stand and are back at the apartment relaxing. Hilary is working again, and Dom took a nap. Daisy played for a while in her playpen/bed.
David is also taking a quick nap.

Tonight we plan to go out to eat at a restaurant that a friend of theirs owns... I'm sure we'll post pics and details from that later! :)

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