Wednesday, March 24, 2010

GYRO! and itunes???

Yesterday, I met Sarah and April at the Huckleberry in C'burg for a GYRO run. What's GYRO, you ask?

It's a running club started by Sarah years ago in college, and it stands for Get Your Run On. Sarah's goal is to help encourage people to run by networking together to encourage each other and have running partners along the way.

Today on her blog, she announced she's giving away a $10 iTunes gift card for promoting GYRO. Interested? If so, check out her blog for more about GYRO!

I'll post more about my run in my next post...


Jilian said...

And here I was thinking a Gyro run meant if you made it to Blacksburg you'd get Souvlaki's as a reward :)

hokiegal23 said...

hahaha... that would also be a gyro run. it's confusing, really :)