Friday, March 26, 2010

The Journey Across the Atlantic

David has posted a few quick pics of events of the past 24 hours, but here's the first long post... I'm going to try and do at least one post each day, and David is going to try and make some posts, too, with quick pics.

David researched airlines and traveling to Europe with infants a ton and found that Lufthansa was a great airline for several reasons. One is the fact that they have bassinet seats that are free if you are one of the lucky ones who can reserve them in advance. There were 4 bassinet seats on the plane, and David managed to reserve one for us. We didn't really know what to expect, but boy, were we amazed. It's like a full bassinet right in front of us. Wow.

Here are a few pics of Daisy in the bassinet. This allowed me to feed her and then put her down and she could sleep laid out in front of us, nice and secure. She did really well and it allowed David and I each to get a few hours of shut-eye as well. This was important since we left Charlotte at 6:25pm and arrived in Munich at 8:00am. Our whole "night" was spent on the flight, so we needed to try and get at least some.
We loved the hot towel service. They did it twice. Refreshing!
Here are a few pics of our dinner. David chose the bbq chicken and I chose the pasta with marinara sauce.
We also got some snacks and breakfast in the morning.
During the flight from Munich to Marseille, Daisy sat on my lap (or David's lap) the whole time.

Here's a view of France from the sky:
An attempted family pic:
Dom picked us up in the church van and we got Daisy's car seat strapped in.

When we got home, I fed Daisy while the boys went and got some food. We ate schwarmas (but David already posted about that) and then we gave Daisy a bath and we showered ourselves. Daisy and I then took a nice nap to catch up on some sleep and adjust to the time.

Hilary was working in the afternoon, and when she got home, she was really happy to see Daisy.
Daisy was only 7 weeks old when they saw her in October. She's so much bigger now!

We made enchiladas for dinner and then we visited some and hit the sack. And that's a wrap on Day #1! :)

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