Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life without Daddy...

I said in my post the other day that I'd come back to tell about what life was like without daddy last week. We were so happy that he returned on Friday...I cannot tell you what a relief it was. The whole week, I kept thinking of those folks I know who are truly single parents, and my heart really broke for them. I had a hard time being a single parent for 5 days. I cannot imagine 5 weeks or 5 months or 5 years.

I was spoiled Sunday and Monday because my parents were in town. Grammy and Grandpa did so much to help me out, it was such a blessing. But as of 6am on Tuesday, Daisy and I were on our own. The next 4 nights, Daisy and I got into a nightly routine. I'd pick her up from daycare, and we'd come home and I'd feed her. I'd then try and feed myself, and then I'd give her a bath and a breathing treatment. Finally, I'd put her to sleep and sneak out to the kitchen where I'd clean up all the dishes from the day, wash the milk bottles and my pump stuff, and prepare the next day's meals. I'd put together Daisy's new bottles for daycare and my lunch for work and I'd get my bags packed. Then I'd be so tired that I'd go straight to bed. That was pretty much our routine. I'd always talk to David once I was in bed and he'd be tired, too, from a long day of his conference/class. Usually I'd send him a picture text of Daisy and I from the evening so he'd be able to "see us". And then we'd hang up and I'd fall quickly asleep.

I actually had a pretty major asthma flare-up during the week, so that definitely I think made me more tired and labored. I couldn't figure out what had caused it until actually last night, when David discovered the humidifier filter in our bedroom was really moldy/mildewy. I am highly allergic to mold and mildew, so its no wonder last week was a huge struggle for me breathing! I had to go to the doctor and he was upset I hadn't taken myself to the ER because my breathing levels were so low. But he put me on some powerful steroids and I got back up close enough to where I needed to be. I am glad I finally may have figured out what caused it, though, because I was really surprised that such a problem came out of nowhere for me.

This week we all are feeling healthier and happier since we're back together in our normal family routine.

Here are some other pics from last week:

Grammy & Daisy

Daisy eating her spoon -- I guess that's a solid :)

David sent me flowers while he was gone

Daisy grasping my snuggie

Daisy's super cute outfit, including her new Robeez I got at Ross for way cheap!

Daisy showing off her new red spring coat from Aunt Cheri

Mommy & Daisy self-taken pic for daddy

Mommy giving Daisy avocado for the first time -- not her favorite!

Those are just some pics from the week without Daddy -- boy are we glad he's home! :)

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blaireruch said...

you did it wendy! big kudos to you! now you can always look back on this week, and know that it'll be tough, but you will get through it.

glad you're ok now with the asthma thing. it's so hard to be sick and to care for your litle ones. is daisy's breathing treatment for asthma too?

those flowers were gorgeous! good job david!

Ross is such a great store. we don't have one here, but we did when we lived in Dallas, and i got so much for courtlyn and myself) for way cheap. i didn't know they sold Robeez, though! I LOVE those shoes.

have a good week!