Sunday, March 21, 2010

Snuggle time

Daisy loves to snuggle. That is a fact.

She's played on her own a lot today, and she's been rolling a ton from her back to her stomach. (SHe gets stuck on her stomach, though, and often gets frustrated because she can't figure out how to roll back.) All of the playing "on her own" has been great as mommy and daddy have been doing a lot of things around the house to get ready for our big trip to France on Wednesday. We know the next two days are going to fly by with work, etc., so today we need to knock a lot out on our to-do lists.

As great as Daisy has been playing on the blanket or in her bouncy seat, etc., remember the fact I mentioned above. Daisy loves to snuggle. Sometimes she's just gotten fussy because she wants to snuggle. She just wants to be near one of us. The solution? The ERGO! This is the best baby carrier for so many reasons, but one is the fact that she can be strapped to one of us and we can still get something done.

David has never used the Ergo until today. I use it all the time. He used to use the Baby Bjorn and loved it... but for whatever reason he hasn't tried the Ergo yet. Now he is sold. It's such a better carrier (puts the weight on your hips not shoulders) and is very comfy. You can do anything with baby attached!

Here's daddy sending some emails with Daisy snuggled up next to him. She's happy and we're productive. The best of both worlds when you have a little one who likes to snuggle! :)

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