Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pasta Cosy

For dinner Friday night, we enjoyed an AMAZING meal at a local pasta restaurant called "Pasta Cosy." This restaurant is owned by Fabian and Cecile, who are friends of Dom and Hilary. It's located just a few blocks from their apartment, and it has a quaint little interior and a very unique menu (designed by Cecile).

We started off with tapas, which vary from day to day.

Then, we had the main course. Hilary and I each had the fiochetti, David had the "pasta cosy" and Dom had the gnocchi.
The fiochetti are little pasta dumplings filled with pear and gorgonzola.
It was so tasty. Yum!

The pasta cosy is a dish of pasta and parmesan, in which the pasta is stirred around inside a wheel of parmesan that's been lit on fire.

One of the perks of knowing the owner is getting to go to the kitchen to watch the house specialty be prepared. David took this video of a pasta cosy dish being made. It's dark, but you can see the cheese wheel lit on fire and being stirred around.

We ended the night with desserts -- and were they delicious! We had the chocolate crousti-coco, which was a dish of melted chocolate with shaved coconut on top.
It was so unbelievable. We also had chocolate nems which came with an orange ginger sauce.

We plan to go back again for desserts while we are here. The whole meal was fantastic, but the desserts were so tasty. If you ever find yourself in Aix en Provence, you HAVE to eat at this restaurant!

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